Our Favorite Wedding Registry Items


At this time last year Rob and I were putting together our wedding registry. It was a surprisingly stressful process (agreeing on everything, having enough items and a good variety, etc.), but overall I am very pleased with what we decided on. We’ve had a fair amount of time to use everything since we’ve been married for almost six months now, so I thought it might be helpful for brides-to-be to share what items we have gotten the most use out of so far. There are other items from our registry that I absolutely love, too, but these are the ones we use most on a daily (or at least weekly) basis.


{1} Tupperware. I didn’t have much on our registry before my bridal shower, so my friend was not excited about her options (lesson learned: pick out quite a few things early in the process!). Although she thought tupperware was boring to give, it sure wasn’t boring to get! Rob and I both bring our lunches to work, so we use them on a daily basis. They stack really well and having a matching set makes our cupboards look much more organized!

{2} White Everyday Plates. This was one of the items I was most excited to see fulfilled on our list. We had a mix of plastic plates and Rob’s hand-me-downs, so getting a cohesive set was amazing. Rob originally thought all-white was too plain, but I (and mainly his mom) convinced him that they are neutral, don’t distract from your food and will always match the kitchen/table décor. We compromised on a set that has a subtle design around the edges making them white and minimalist, but not too simple. We also got the salad plates, cereal bowls and some serving pieces to match.

{3} Nonstick PansThis is a “you get what you pay for” item. I used to just buy cheaper ones and they worked well for a while (and had pretty pink options!) but then the coating started to come off. We did a lot of research and finally settled on this hard-anodized set. They are really easy to clean, food doesn’t stick and they haven’t scratched.

{4} Classic Flatware. As much as I wanted a gorgeous gold or rose gold set, I knew silver was a safer choice. I wanted them to look modern and simple, so this set from Crate and Barrel was the winner. I like the mix of matte and shiny metal and the sleek shape.

{5} KitchenAid Stand Mixer. This is probably at the top of most wedding registries. My grandma gave me a pink KitchenAid mixer for my college graduation, so it was technically not on our registry, but we still use it all of the time! If you’re a baker, it will make your life so much easier! I’m currently drooling over the copper color (shocking, I know!).

{6} Food Processor. We had a cheap food processor/blender combo prior to this one and this one works much better. Rob uses it on a regular basis to make his own peanut butter.

{7} White Comforter. Since we are currently renting and probably will again on our next military move, I wanted a nice, neutral comforter. I figured white will go with everything and I like the crisp, clean look of the bright hue. Basically if my house was all white, marble and copper I’d be happy haha.

{8} Marble Cheese Board with Slicer. Rob and I love cheese and usually leave with a wedge or two when we go to the grocery store together. This has made slicing it so much easier, plus we can serve it right on there, too. It works well when hosting parties because you can slice a few to start and then let guests slice off fresh pieces as the party goes on.

{9} Salad Spinner. One of the main reasons I don’t make many salads is because I HATE washing lettuce with a passion (okay, and I prefer cake to green vegetables). This salad spinner has made the process more bearable since I don’t have to use a million paper towels and wait for them to air dry. I’ve been using a lot of spinach in my smoothies lately, so this has been very useful!

What are some items you love most from your registry?