Color Palettes For Family Beach Photos in Destin

As a Destin photographer, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what colors should we wear for our family beach photos?” There isn’t one right answer to this question. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • What colors look best on you? Wear a color that is flattering with your hair and skin tone. Don’t wear something that will wash you out (as someone who is really pale, blush and ivory can be tricky for me and blend in with my skin too much).
  • What colors match your home decor? If you plan on framing your family photos, think about which color palette will go best with your home decor. You don’t want a bright red dress in your gallery wall if the rest of your decor is neutral.
  • Which colors do you feel most confident in? I want you to feel your best, so wear a color that makes you feel confident! If bold, bright colors make you feel like a model – go for it!
  • Is there a particular clothing item that you for sure want to wear? If you have a dress that you absolutely want to wear or a favorite child’s outfit, start with that piece and plan around it. Look for other outfits that have patterns and colors that complement it.
  • What is the photo shoot location? Think about how your outfit will look with the background. I love when people wear pink and warm colors for their family beach photos because they really pop against the white sand and blue water (but coastal colors can look good too!). If we’re shooting at a very green location, I would recommend not wearing green because you might blend in too much.

Overall, I always recommend choosing colors that complement each other. Everyone doesn’t need to wear the exact same colors (for example, white shorts with blue shirts) because that can look too matchy-matchy. You want it to be cohesive and natural looking. Below are some examples of color palettes from past clients that worked really well for beach photos in Destin, Florida.

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