Denim Trends for Spring 2017

If you can’t tell from most of my outfit posts, I’m definitely a jeans girl. Skirts and dresses are cute, but I’m most comfortable in a pair of stretchy skinny jeans. Right now is a fun time for denim lovers like myself because there are so many different styles out. Whether you want to play it safe with classic washes or go all out with tassel hems and embroidery, there is a pair for everyone! If you’re looking for a pair of colored pants, I would stick with neutrals such as white, grey, blush and olive green. And when it comes to hem line, there are a lot of choices! I really like the look of the released or step hem since it’s subtle, but still unique. An interesting style that I’ve started to see is the twisted seam with a slit in the front. Not sure how I like this look yet, but the sliver of skin helps make your legs look longer, which is always a plus! Another style I haven’t tried yet is the cropped flare or bootcut jeans. They have kind of a ’70s vibe and are perfect for showing off a cute pair of shoes. Below are some examples of these trends, just click the item for details! What are some of your favorite denim trends this season?