10 Home Décor Trends

My week wasn’t exciting enough to create a Friday Five post (the joys of an 8am – 5pm desk job), so I’m sharing some home décor trends instead! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is heart-eyed over all of the Pinterst-perfect homes we see online. As much as I would love an all-white kitchen with marble counter tops, it’s not realistic for me and Rob since we are renting and haven’t won the lottery recently. However, there are a lot of little ways to bring these stylish ideas into your own home. These are 10 interior design trends that I’m loving!


  1. Dark Accent Wall. Navy blue is a gorgeous color for the accent wall in a bedroom. The color is soothing, plus it makes wall hangings and other fixtures really pop. It pairs perfectly with white furniture and gold accessories.
  2. Round Mirror (photo via Tessa Neustadt). I love the modern look of a circular mirror, especially over a bench or table in an entryway. Although it’s a simple shape, it really makes a statement.
  3. Mixed Textures. Nothing is cozier than a chunky knit blanket. When mixed with other textures and patterns, it can create a fun eclectic style.
  4. Patterned Rug. A rug will instantly change the aesthetic of a room. A colorful, patterned rug can make a statement and complement simple, minimalist furniture.
  5. Hairpin Plant Stand. The copper plant stands pictures are actually a DIY from Sarah Sherman Samuels. They are so chic and look pretty simple to make! Then just top them with your favorite potted succulents or greenery.
  6. Typography Poster. Having a positive message to constantly look at never hurts, especially if it’s artfully displayed.
  7. Colorful Door. How cute is that pale pink front door?! It’s a very unique way to add a pop of color to your home.
  8. Copper. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with rose gold and copper. This “metal of the moment” adds a feminine touch and mixes well with gold or silver. I love the sleek style of the lamp pictured above.
  9. Textured Wall Hanging. If you don’t have the wall space for an entire gallery wall, a woven wall hanging is a great idea. It gives the room a bohemian vibe, especially with the layers of fringe.
  10. Cute Matches. Not only do these make a cute gift, but they are also perfect for displaying on a coffee table tray along with your favorite candles.

What are your favorite home décor trends? Follow me on Pinterest to see more of my interior design inspiration!