Hot Cakes: A Must-Try for Chocolate Lovers in Seattle


There is no doubt in my mind that I inherited my sweet tooth from my mom; specifically our love for chocolate. She has been wanting to try Hot Cakes in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which is known for its molten chocolate cake in mason jars. My sister and I took her there for an early birthday / Mother’s Day present. The food was delicious and the rustic décor was adorable! I wanted to try everything on the menu! The grilled chocolate sandwich and boozy shakes look really interesting and I bet they taste amazing, too.


My mom and I decided to split a grilled cheese, which was made with apples, bacon and Beecher’s cheese. I love how they served it. So cute!



My sister got the vanilla bean milkshake and loved it! There was not a drop left, which I thought was unfortunate. She doesn’t like to share her food with me :(


Last, but not least: the dark decadence molten cake! It’s made with Theo dark chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel and toffee nibs. All of my favorite flavors in one delicious dessert! We were in chocolate heaven. My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied.