Why It’s Never Too Early To Shop For NYE


‘Tis the season for sparkle, sequins and metallics! Gold, silver and copper aren’t the only shiny styles that are popular this time of year. I’ve seen a lot of green, blue, purple and black metallic items, too. I’m always drawn to rose gold though (like these chic sneakers) with plain gold being a close second. That’s why this pencil skirt caught my eye last January and I’ve been waiting to wear it ever since. Once New Year’s Eve has passed I’m usually over the sparkly attire and start thinking about spring fashion. However, I found this pencil skirt on sale at H&M for $10 and couldn’t pass it up! Because the silhouette of the skirt is so simple and classic, I knew it would still be in style the following year (luckily I was right and luckily it still fit!). Just like fall is the best time to find swimsuits on sale, January is when all of the holiday pieces will be nice and cheap! So if you find an item that has a mega marked down price tag, don’t be afraid to snatch it up!

Black Blouse | Gold Pencil Skirt | Heels | Purse | Necklace
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Just be careful of these pitfalls:

  1. Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Would you still want it if it was full price? That’s how I judge if the item will be a quality addition to my closet. You don’t want to spend $10 on something that will just sit in your closet and eventually be taken to Goodwill. I’m definitely guilty of this! It’s hard to say no to a really good price, but over time those tiny purchases will add up.
  2. Don’t buy an item that is too trendy. Most styles roll over and evolve from season to season, but there are some trends that you’ll be laughing at a year from now. As much as I love a good statement or bell sleeve right now, next winter I might look back and think why?! Keep your eye out for simple, timeless items. Chances are you will still like what you bought in 12 months and it won’t be on a “Trends We’re Totally Over” list like this one by Who What Wear.
  3. Don’t buy a smaller size because your resolution is to lose weight. After all of those holiday cookies, trying on clothes isn’t my favorite thing to do either. But let’s be real. Every year my resolutions are to eat healthy and workout, but come February my willpower to avoid Valentine’s Day chocolate has ceased. I’ve made the mistake of buying a pair of jeans that were slightly too small and they just sit in my closet unworn. I don’t want this to sound negative because I hope you do stick to your goals of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s important to be realistic, too.




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