How To Be an Organized Blogger

Blogging takes a lot of organization, especially when juggling it with a fulltime job. I’m a list-making fanatic and get so excited over new planners/notebooks. Although I love physical lists where I can cross off the items, most of my organization is done electronically. I pretty much live on my phone and computer, so having cute and protective cases are a must. I got this phone case and laptop skin from CaseApp, which has a variety of designs that you can customize (use code TREATSAND20 to get 20% off!). The marble immediately caught my eye because it’s so subtle and chic. I also added my new initials to this case. I love that they are JK because my friends always make fun of me for saying just kidding a lot, even when I’m not kidding. Below are a few of my tips for staying on top of your blogging to-do list.


{1} Make an editorial calendar. I plan my posts at least one month in advance to make sure I cover upcoming holidays and have a good variety of topics (not an overload of sweets or too many DIY posts in one week). Obviously this schedule is subject to change, like when I get inspired by a new piece of clothing or want to share something we did over the weekend. I use a calendar in Word to track scheduled posts and ideas so that I can easily move them around to make room for the unforeseen post.


{2} Schedule your social media posts. I like to share older posts on social media when they are relevant, like the pumpkin recipe I made last year that people have probably forgotten about, but would still enjoy. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your site and repurpose your content. I schedule these posts in advance, which allows me to get the posts ready to go all in one sitting rather than worrying about it every day.


{3} Have a list of blog ideas in the Notes app on your phone. My Notes app is filled with random ideas. Inspiration can strike any moment and my phone is the easiest place to jot them down since I always have it on me. If I’m ever stuck about what to write about or making my editorial calendars, I can look back at those ideas.

{4} Create an excel spreadsheet for brand collaborations. In order to keep track of the brands I hope to work with, I keep an excel sheet with the company name listed on the far left and across from that I include the contact name/email, my idea for the post, the date I pitched them, the date I followed up and track the progress (when the post is supposed to go up, etc.).

{5} Prioritize your to-do list. I don’t have much time to blog during the week, so most of my posts are done on Saturday and Sunday. When Friday rolls around I make a list of what needs to be completed, starting with the most important things. It’s rare that everything gets crossed off of the list, so at least I make sure to get everything done that really needs to get completed.


Thank you to CaseApp for partnering with me on this post! Don’t forget to use code TREATSAND20 to get 20% off your purchase!