Pimpin’ Joy

I’m slightly obsessed with a country radio morning show called the Bobby Bones Show. I listen to it every morning as I drive to work and then listen to parts that I missed on iHeart radio on my drive home. I even got Rob addicted to it, so we end up talking about our favorite parts every day as if they were our friends. It’s nationally syndicated, but based in Nashville and I love that the hosts are funny, real and positive. They do a lot for charities and started a movement called Pimpin’ Joy, which is all about choosing joy and spreading it to others. Through random acts of kindness or just choosing to think positively, everyone can join the Pimpin’ Joy movement. I was excited to purchase this baseball tee from their pink selection because I love the message behind it and the sales raise money for various causes. Plus it’s so comfy and since we live in Vegas, I decided to glam it up a bit with a statement necklace and OTK boots. I will definitely be sporting this is Bobby or the Ranging Idiots ever put on a show here!


{Pimpin’ Joy shirt via Can’t See Apparel, Topshop jeans, Ivanka Trump OTK boots, Hoity Toity Boutique statement necklace (similar)}




Anyone else listen to this show?!