Style Crushes


I get fashion inspiration from a variety of places: magazines, bloggers, store windows, etc. When it comes to looking perfectly put together, there are certain people that can do no wrong in my book. What I love most is that they tend to have a defined style and stick to it. Over the past few years I feel like I have created a more consistent sense of style, which I would describe as a mix of feminine and modern. I tend to purchase classic pieces that are neutral and versatile—that way you can play around with pieces, but they will always match. I would love to raid the closets of these bloggers! Although they each have different personal styles, they all inspire me to have fun with fashion.


Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam
If I had to describe her style in one word it would be feminine. The San Francisco-based blogger wears a lot of florals, fit-and-flare dresses, pale pink, bows and lace. She has said in several posts that she doesn’t follow trends, but rather purchases pieces that she loves and is inspired by old movies. I find her confident sense of style very admirable and it’s probably why she’s such a successful blogger. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she also finds the perfect locations for each outfit and travels a lot with her husband who takes beautiful photos!


Mary Seng of Happily Grey
First of all, she’s based in Nashville, which I want to visit so badly! Second of all, she has such a cool-girl style that is trendy, but minimalist at the same. Happily “Grey” is fitting because she doesn’t wear a lot of bright colors and I love the neutral, monochromatic palette. She wears some things I could never pull off, like super wide-leg flares, menswear-inspired pieces and sporty bomber jackets, but I’m always in awe of her outfits. She has inspired me to create a wardrobe with neutral-colored basics that can look so chic when paired together.


Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior
This LA-based blogger is dedicated to clean, simple styles and I like that the outfits she posts are all very wearable. Her looks can be somewhat sporty and casual or dressy with feminine touches. She collaborated with Splendid to create a line of soft cotton dresses, T-shirts and sweat pants, which are all so cute! The simple designs stay true to the brand and her blog by being comfortable, yet luxurious to elevate any look. She seems to stick with neutral colors and stripes, which also comprise a large portion of my closet, so I feel like I can easily recreate some of her looks.


Lauren Conrad
I mean, can I just be Lauren Conrad? She has created quite the life and career for herself. Her Kohl’s runway collection was gorgeous and I love her girly, California-girl style. Not only are her feminine outfits perfect, but her hair is always on point! I love her natural-looking blonde ombré look and tossled waves (I follow her stylist, Kristin Ess on Instagram and she does amazing work!). I’m excited to see what her next collection entails since I can’t get enough of lace, floral prints, bows and pastel hues.


Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules
This chic blogger always looks effortlessly put together. She thinks outside of the box and pairs pieces that you might not think would go together, like distressed Levi’s and delicate lace or leopard heels. I don’t know how she does it, but she always looks edgy, girly, casual and polished all at the same time. You can even get a taste of her laid-back chic style thorugh her online store, which has some really cute graphic tees!

Who are your style crushes?