How To Use the “Third Piece Rule” This Winter

When it comes to fashion, rules are typically meant to be broken. I mean have you seen those crazy “high fashion” shows? Thinking outside of the box is highly celebrated. There are definitely some rules I ignore, like not wearing white after Labor Day, but the one I swear by is the Third Piece Rule. I’ve discussed it before in this summer outfit post, but here’s a recap: basically your top and pants/skirt/shorts are the first and second pieces. The third piece is another element that really pulls the look together, like a blazer, sweater, vest or jacket. In this case it’s my quilted vest (see, I told you this J. Crew Excursion vest is versatile!).

As much as I love basics and neutral pieces, my black jeans and cashmere sweater looked really plain together until I added this third piece. Just throwing on one more layer can really transform an outfit. A cute coat or jacket is another way to use the Third Piece Rule this winter. This is pretty much a no-brainer since I’m guessing you’ll need one for warmth anyway! A scarf can also help create a put-together look. This cozy blanket scarf from Old Navy adds interest to this simple outfit because of the colors and pattern. The mix of textures—with the fuzzy scarf, smooth vest and leather shoes—work well together, too. So next time you just put on pants and a top I encourage you to look around your closet and find one more piece to add! This simple trick can make a big difference in your styling game!

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