9 Travel Must-Haves


I love visiting new places, but not actually traveling. Airplanes freak me out (although I’m marrying a pilot, go figure) and I get restless after a couple of hours in the car. Although I don’t enjoy the process of actually getting there, it’s worth it to see my friends and family and go on new adventures with my fiancé. He has really helped me step out of my comfort zone, which is one of the many reasons I love him. To make the experience a little more enjoyable, these are my must-have items.


Magazines. A lot of my magazine subscriptions pile up while I’m home since I tend to be on the go and rarely have time to just sit down and enjoy them. Plane rides are the perfect time to catch up since there isn’t much else to do.

Audio Books. This is how we have survived several 13-hour road trips. My favorite one so far is “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” because it described me to a T and talks about how being an introvert has its advantages in a world full of extraverts. Rob also likes Dave Ramsey and financial books, which I surprisingly find to be interesting at times. Other times it’s lights out for me!

Sudoku. It’s kind of become my security blanket when I fly because focusing on the puzzle takes my mind off of the noises and bumps of the plane. I’ve been using one book for the past few years, so I make a note of all of the places we’ve been, too!

Camera. Ever since I got my DSLR camera, I’ve been obsessed with documenting everything—especially our travels! I read one of those pretty Pinterest quotes the other day that said, “Photography is a love affair with life” and I think that’s so true! I love capturing scenic shots as well as social events.

Notebook. I like to keep a notebook of ongoing blog ideas and to-do lists, so I enjoy using the free time while traveling to brainstorm and take notes of the latest trends while reading the above-mentioned magazines.

Snacks. Duh. I usually stop at Trader Joe’s before trips so that I can stock up on munchies. Their dried mangos are our favorite! I also love the chocolate-covered pretzel bites that are stuffed with peanut butter. I’ve made these healthy homemade granola bars, too, which were great!

Big travel tote. I need like a Mary Poppins bag when I travel. My camera takes up half of the space and then I have to squeeze in wallet, food, headphones, etc. Target has some cute, large weekender bags that look perfect for traveling!

Drinks. But not too many since Rob says he only makes bathroom stops when we need gas (so far this has worked out for me!). I’m a Vitamin Water Zero fan since it keeps my hydrated without having any sugar/calories.

Music. Rob and I both love Taylor Swift, so her 1989 album has been on repeat lately (although I think he likes her more for her looks than her music). I also love Imagine Dragons, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and Maroon 5.

Comfy outfit. For road trips I’m a fan of yoga pants, but since plane rides are more public, I opt for stretchy jeans and a sweater. I’m all about layering because it can either be too cold/hot and I want to be prepared either way.

What are your must-have travel items?