Trendy and Metallic Holiday Decorations

Usually I wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, but this year I had a few projects for the blog that required me to break out the decor earlier than normal. This will be our first holiday season in the new house, so I felt like this required new decorations! For the past few years Rob and I only had a 4-foot tall tree that his mom bought for him back in his bachelor days. Now that we are married and own a home I figured it was time to step up our decorating game! We bought a new 7.5″ tree, ornaments, stockings… the whole nine yards! I’ve realized that Christmas decor might be a conversation you want to have prior to marrying someone, just like babies, religion, politics, etc. I like flocked trees and Rob likes traditional. He likes colored lights, while I prefer white. I like to hang pretty, cohesive ornaments, but he would rather have an eclectic collection that has sentimental value. We found a happy medium with most of these aspects and our tree even switches colors with just the press of a button! Overall I’m very happy with our Christmas decor and can’t wait to show you some photos! In the meantime, here are some of the best holiday decorations I came across while decking our halls. I will also update my holiday decorations page as I find more festive decor!


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