How To Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

Last weekend, my fiancé and I created our wedding registry, which was a fun, yet tiring process. I found it funny that I can easily commit to spending my life with him, but I can’t commit to household items! Seriously, I had the hardest time deciding on dinnerware (and actually still haven’t found it). Will it go out of style? Will I get bored of it? So many decisions! The more I thought about it, I found it silly that I was stressing over what presents I want—talk about first world problems! I decided to share a few things I learned from both research and personal experience to hopefully help future brides-to-be!


Plan before you scan. Go through your house and make a list of things you need or want to replace. Most stores will also give you a checklist of items commonly found on registries, which is helpful.

Research the stores online. We went to two typical stores, Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond, but I realized they aren’t really my style. They have quality products and we found some nice basics, but overall they don’t really have the look I’m going for. After looking online, I realized Target or West Elm might be better fits.

Be prepared to compromise. There were some things that Rob and I easily agreed on (like pans and silverware), but when it came to sheets and towels we had different preferences. I like all white because it will always match if I want to change the décor, but he doesn’t like that they show dirt so easily. I understand his point, so we will try to meet in the middle with neutral colors that aren’t necessarily a bright white.

{This is how Rob felt after he realized how picky I was going to be}

Know your guests. We tried to register for some reasonably priced items, so that friends especially don’t feel like they need to spend a fortune. Attending the wedding and being part of our special day is seriously a much more valuable gift to us!

Ask questions and/or research products. There are so many options and it’s hard to know which one is best. We couldn’t decide between ceramic, hard anodized and non-stick skillets, so it was helpful to hear what the salesperson had to say since they are familiar with all of them. Looking up reviews on the Internet is also a good way to decide.

Have plenty of items. Our consultant at one of the stores advised us to add more things to our registry. She said that this would give guests more to choose from and would ensure that there will always be some items left to purchase. It’s also helpful to choose more than one store to register at (somewhere between two to three). Just be careful that you don’t register for too much because you might not get the items you want the most.

Offer alternatives. Although you want to have an appropriate number and selection of gifts, don’t stress too much because it seems that guests tend to give cash or gift cards. Plus, if you have your honeymoon planned, another fun option is to let guests purchase excursions for you. We contributed $50 towards shopping in a local Central American village to one of our friends. I thought this was a more meaningful gift than a stack of towels. Plus, the experience and memories you’re giving them are worth much more!

Take your time. Don’t feel like you have to get it all done that day. Take time to look at different stores and think about your options so that you won’t regret your choices later.



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What wedding wish list advice would you add? I’d love to hear your thoughts!