Where To Find Props for Brand Photography Shoots

As a brand photographer, I shoot a variety of people and products, so I’m always on the lookout for props that will enhance these images. Over the years I have curated quite a collection of trays, linens, accessories and other random items that help clients tell their story through high-quality, custom photos. In addition to sourcing props, I also help come up with the creative concept and style the scenes. These setups might look natural and organic, but there is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into creating each image. It’s all about complementing the brand’s colors and style in order to portray the desired message to the consumer. Whether you have a personal branding shoot coming up or need to snap some photos of the products you sell, here are some of my favorite places to shop for photo shoot props. 


Whenever I stop by Target (which is more often than I’d like to admit), I check out the dollar spot for random seasonal items and photo shoot props. You can find everything from trays and stands to holiday decor and linens. It’s a great, inexpensive way to build your prop collection. I bought the tray pictured above because it looked like a versatile piece that could be used for a variety of brands. Sure enough, it worked perfectly for these acai bowls! 


With a vast selection of affordable finds, HomeGoods is a one-stop shop for photo shoot props. I like finding items for food photography in the kitchen area, such as baking accessories, little bowls, boards and more. For personal brand shoots there is a great selection of office items such as stylish notebooks, pens and desk decor.

Hobby Lobby

This is another spot where you can find everything from party decor and seasonal props to home items and faux florals. Many brand shoots are executed prior to the actual season (like shooting holiday-themed content in July so that it’s ready to go when consumers want all things gifts and Christmas), so I like that they have seasonal decor out pretty early. 


It’s no secret that you can find everything under the sun on Amazon. This online platform makes it easy to shop for props from the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you waited until the last minute to purchase props you have the benefit of quick shipping! 

Thrift Stores & Antique Shops

I have found some of my favorite food photography props at thrift stores and antique shops. I like the challenge of sifting through all of the items to find unique pieces that will photograph well. My go-to silverware (pictured below) has a vintage style and is slightly tarnished, which looks better in photos than shiny silverware that reflects the flash. I’ve also found some cool glasses and jars that work really well in the background. 

The Grocery Store

It might not sound exciting, but simple props from the grocery store can make all the difference depending on what you’re shooting. When it comes to food and products, think about the ingredients. If it’s a perfume, what does it smell like? Are there hints of orange? Pick up an orange to artfully slice and arrange in the scene. Are the popsicles made with Oreos? Add some cookie crumbs to the scene as a visual cue. You can even shop for personal branding sessions here. Pick up your favorite drink with cute packaging (like Olipop!) to use as a prop. Or get some pretty flowers to complement the scene. The photo below was taken with just two products and a cheap bouquet. 

Your Own Home!

Don’t feel like you need to buy brand new items for your shoot! Sometimes I end up going though my entire house to find things that will work for brand photography shoots. From fake plants and beach day necessities to my own clothing and accessories, I use a lot of things from my own home for brand photo shoots and let clients borrow them as well! For example, the photos below were taken during a personal branding session at my friend’s house and the props were things she already had, such as pillows and books. It’s all about curating items that enhance your brand messaging and are in line with your brand style. 

Want to skip the shopping? I can help! I’m a brand photographer in Destin, Florida and partner with both local and national businesses. If you’re local I will come to you and if you’re not, just ship me your products! To learn more information about my brand photography services, click here. I hope to have the opportunity to create compelling imagery for your business!