The Prettiest Peplum Top for Spring

Rob and I shot these photos a while ago, but I kept pushing this post back in my editorial calendar because I’m not super excited about how the pictures turned out. It was super windy so the top is blowing around in some photos, I should have left one more button undone so it wouldn’t pull, I couldn’t get the editing just right, half of them were blurry. The list goes on and on. And why did I do the “hand in pocket” pose for almost every pic!? Ugh I can be so awkward in front of the camera. But I freakin’ LOVE this shirt so instead of being so hard on myself I decided to finally hit publish! I first saw this top while I was browsing Nordstrom’s website. Even though it was a little steep ($75 is more than I typically pay for clothes) I knew I had to have it! It is very “me” and has so many of my favorite things in one shirt: stripes, blush pink, peplum and ruffles. Apparently every other blogger on the planet loved it too because I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram. It’s fun to see how other people style it though, because it’s very versatile. You can dress it up with skinny jeans or pair it with distressed denim shorts for a casual look. I also wore it on our New Orleans trip, so if you want to see another way to wear it check out this post. This definitely won’t be the last you see of this beautiful blouse!

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